A long hot summer?

posted by: Gerry Gable | on: Sunday, 24 April 2011, 00:30

Bristol Stokes Croft riot 21 April 2011

It seems it’s not only bombings, attempted bombings and making the deadly chemical ricin that the British far right indulge in. Today’s entry on the blog of Simon Darby, the British National Party’s media spokesman, is very revealing about the far right’s interest in the public disorder that took place in Bristol last Thursday night until the early hours of Friday. Darby, a long-time activist and officer of the BNP, stood down as the party’s deputy leader during a series of court clashes with the Equality Commission, which forced the BNP to end its whites only membership criterion. His resignation was an attempt to avoid a threatened term of imprisonment.

On the face of it, Darby’s blog posting looks out of place from the far right. In fact those who have charted the far right for as many years as I and many of my colleagues know this is far from the truth.

People have been recalling the 50th anniversary of the Brixton riots. Surviving police officers will tell you of a sinister intervention by a group of men dressed in such a way that the public would think they were out-of-uniform police officers and carrying improvised weapons. At the point of the full-scale rioting, when many officers found themselves leaderless, with more senior officers keeping their heads down and all sorts of off-duty officers thrown into the night time street fighting, some officers reported being joined by this group of men who charged into the rioters with a viciousness far beyond what the police were handing out. This was an orchestrated attempt to raise the temperature of the violence and prolong it.

At Wapping during the News International strike a number of right-wingers joined the print strikers and their supporters and tried to escalate the already serious clashes between them and the police.

During the miners’ strike attempts were made by the National Front Political Soldiers, led by Nick Griffin, now the leader of the BNP. to up the ante far away from the coalfields but this was halted after Searchlight exposed their plans.

In the massive poll tax riots in London, more than a few of the protesters recognised well known activists from the openly nazi British Movement in the middle of some of the most violent incidents.

They are many more instances of attempts to destabilise the streets in line with the politics of Nick Griffin’s political mentor, the convicted Italian terrorist Roberto Fiore, a product of the war of the street in his homeland.

So what is Darby preaching apart from a prediction of a politically hot summer. Maybe it is something he learned from Fiore when he was greeted by Fascist-saluting mobs of Fiore’s henchmen in Italy two years ago. Darby was not involved in politics when Fiore was sharing a London flat with Griffin and a handful of key young right-wingers including David Irving’s political secretary Andrew Moffat, who is now on the BNP payroll at the European Parliament as a adviser to Griffin in his capacity as an MEP.

Last year Fiore, a millionaire businessman, shared a UK platform with Griffin when they recalled past good times.

The police should take a good look at Darby’s video of last week’s Bristol riot and see what he is encouraging with his writing asap.

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