What is Searchlight?

Searchlight opposes racism and fascism in Britain and abroad.

It was founded in 1962 as an occasional publication and press agency specialising in gathering and analysing intelligence on the far right.

Searchlight magazine has appeared monthly since 1975 and is the first port of call for activists, journalists, politicians and academics seeking information or organised racism in Britain.

It exposes the fascists and racists’ illegal activities and alerts the anti-fascist community to our opponents' intentions, plans and trends. Magazine subscribers receive Extra, a free 12-page quarterly magazine that takes an in-depth look at a particular issue. Click here to subscribe to Searchlight.

Searchlight has been at the forefront of campaigning against the BNP in recent years, often under the banner of Hope not Hate. We believe that our locally customised newspapers, ward-specific leaflets, telephone canvassing and direct mail operation have made a real difference in defeating the BNP across the country.

Working with dozens of local anti-BNP groups, Searchlight has mobilised thousands of people and is developing new coalitions that can defeat the British National Party and English Defence League and rebuild local communities.